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Thank God we live in a civilized society where the responsibility for our personal safety has been turned over to the State!  Oh, wait a minute; people have been saying that since the days of the Roman Empire.  Didn’t work then, doesn’t work now.   Personal safety is just that… personal. 

Times are becoming tougher economically and opportunities are remaining limited.  Add those facts to the issues of our current government sponsored “liberal/Marxist” slide into the apocalypse; touting “wealth redistribution” (previously known as “theft”) and the ideology and mindset that those with assets and wealth are “evil” and you can see the writing on the wall.  More and more of those without are going to be trying to take what they think should rightfully belong to them from those who they don’t believe deserving.

A quote alternately attributed to both Ben Franklin and/or Thomas Jefferson states quite correctly: “Those who would trade their freedoms for security are deserving of neither.”  I believe this to be one of the most truthful and clarifying statements ever made.  Accept responsibility, and be prepared to act.

There is a theory espoused among Law Enforcement and Military circles promulgated by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Ret.) regarding the theory of “Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves”.  Having been a sheepdog for many years myself, I love this theory and I greatly respect this man.  If you have the opportunity to read any of his books or attend any of his seminars, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you do not take advantage of this warrior’s insights. 

Basically the theory goes like this:

Wolves are the threats among us.  Predators with no regard for society at large, just concerned with themselves.  They prey on the weak, unprepared and unsuspecting among us.  Those who believe the written word on a piece of paper will stop someone from doing them harm.

Sheepdogs are the protectors among us.  Law Enforcement Officers, Military and Security Specialists who willingly place themselves in opposition to the wolves to keep them at bay; and stand ready to respond when threats emerge; exerting dominance over the flock only when necessary to keep them out of danger or on the correct path.

The Sheep represent our society at large.  Docile, non-hostile, concerned only with their daily lives and the quest for the best pastures to graze. 

When the flock has great pastures, lots of space to roam and all are healthy then life is good.  They don’t really like the Sheepdogs hanging about.  They look a lot like the wolves.  They smell a lot like the wolves.  They act a lot like the wolves.  The Sheep don’t like to socialize with the Sheepdogs. 

They don’t trust them, and hate the fact that the Sheepdog keeps them from wandering to the places they want.  They don’t really want them around.  They tolerate them because the results of confrontation are just as bad as facing a wolf.   After a while, the Sheepdogs really get on the nerves of the Sheep and a deep distrust develops; they comply not out of respect and appreciation, but out of fear.

But let a wolf pop up near the flock and suddenly the whole flock is calling out danger, running away as fast as they can while the Sheepdog charges forward to engage the threat.  The Sheepdog places himself between the flock and the threat, allowing them time to escape to safety.  This is an illustrative comparison; and having myself been a Sheepdog for many years; I find pleasant nobility in this simple yet very clear example.

But every now and then something strange happens.  Before the Sheepdog gets there, someone else will step up.  One of the sheep, a Ram, will come forward out of the flock!  He will place himself between the flock and the wolf just like the Sheepdog.  He squares up on the threat, prepared to fight if necessary to give his kids and mates time to escape.

He remembers deep inside that nature did not create the Sheepdog model, the herdsman did!   As a means to control the group and maximize benefits, the herdsman designed a different model of society for the flock.

Nature urges the Ram forward.  Nature states he must defend his offspring.  Nature forces him to place himself between the threats that come toward his family group.  It’s not that the flock has chosen not to worry about these things; the herdsmen keep the Rams limited in the flock to control conflict and keep the group manageable.

Too many Rams will fight among themselves; the flock may split; making care, supervision and maintenance concerns double for the herdsman.  He keeps just enough Rams to service the ewes in the herd and create offspring for his needs be they wool, meat or the milk they produce.

Our society “leaders” don’t want rams.  They want everyone to be sheep and to rely on a few Sheepdogs that they control to deal with the wolves.  The “herdsmen” don’t want to deal with the “rams”.  In this way the herdsmen maintain their sense of power and control.

The sheep aren’t to be forgotten in this issue, the sheep themselves don’t want too many rams.  They readily abdicate the responsibility and burden of constantly being on guard and having to face down a wolf.  Let the sheepdog do the nasty bits, more time to graze!

While everyone enjoys the benefits of our society and has the freedom to go about their daily lives in relative safety, we must always be mindful that sometimes all the sheepdogs may be on the other side of the pasture.  When the wolf strikes, each of us had better be prepared to at least put up the best defense we can until the sheepdogs get the alert and can get to our location!  Soft wool and a tender belly don’t really deter the wolves in our midst.

Teeth.  Teeth and claws.  Teeth and claws with the ability and willingness to use them.

Big bore, high velocity teeth and claws are a much better deterrent than soft wool, a tender belly and a pleasant demeanor. 

Take ownership of your personal safety, be a Ram for yourself and your family.  The Sheepdogs are working hard, but can’t be everywhere at once.  Let them do their jobs, but be ready if you’re left out in the field on your own.

The links below attest to the fact that many a sheep can defend themselves and might just surprise a cocky wolf!  Try not to be somebody’s lunch.

Be Aware, Be Prepared, Have a Plan, Act Without Hesitation!

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