Sunday, January 29, 2012


Standing behind the counter at a gun shop you get to hear the strangest things; and frankly sometimes you can get quite worn out with the disinformation, rumors, myths and just plain Bulls**t that gets spewed forth as actual fact from the misinformed, misguided “armchair commandos” that think of themselves as knowledgeable subject matter experts in the field of firearms and all related matters.

Having had multiple documented violent encounters with all type of subjects in a wide range of stressful scenarios; as well as having literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of advanced and specialized tactical training; with over 25 years of experience as a EMT-Paramedic / Law Enforcement Officer dealing with incidents in progress as well as the aftermath; I can speak with some certainty regarding a wide range of issues regarding violent encounters.

I have been telling people for years that CALIBER is not the defining issue regarding a personal defense firearm.  Much more important is having a gun that you:

·        CAN easily carry;
·        WILL consistently carry;
·        WILL routinely practice with;
·        And can ACCURATELY put multiple rounds on target with;

An excellent research article written by Ohio Police Officer/ Trainer Greg Ellifritz published on the Ohio based “ Buckeye Firearms Association” website (please visit their site at makes a rational, fact based and dispassionate study of approximately 1800 “real world” shootings over a 10 year period.    See the report here:  

Officer Ellifritz does not have an agenda and provides this information for the reader to review, analyze and add to their own personal arsenal of knowledge in preparation for the “what if..” factor of life. 

I respect his dedication, perseverance and professionalism in writing this report and encourage all to read this report in total; then pause and read it again; before jumping off with some type of personal argument pertaining to their favorite caliber that begins with “I know this guy…”, or “I read….”  

Facts are facts, stories and opinions are useful only for their entertainment purposes!  Reality hurts sometimes.  Train to win. Prepare, prepare, prepare….it WILL pay off in the long run!

The views and opinions expressed in the Hot Shot Shooting Blog are those of the author and not the company, corporation, entity or any of the officers, investors, employees or customers.  Basically its freedom of expression people, covered even before the right to bear arms because it’s more important than that!  If you find something here that is politically correct, rest assured it’s here by mistake.  If you are offended by the content, tone or opinions of the author, oh well, go read a comic book.   Reading a blog is no substitute for actual training or competent legal advice.  Everyone is encouraged to spend as much time and money on obtaining competent tactical real world training as they think their life is worth. –The Author. 

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